Lead Sauce combines the best practice principles of Inbound Marketing and Corporate Sustainability into a simple process that is directed at identifying, engaging and converting target audiences.

The Lead Sauce process can be used to generate and close sales leads or to engage with key stakeholder groups around material or reputational issues.

Develop content that appeals to your target market’s wants and needs

We use corporate sustainability theory to identify key stakeholder groups and target audiences. Our model reveals the themes and topics that should be introduced to these target audiences, in order to achieve the desired outcomes.

We develop downloads videos and other lead magnets that are aligned with identified topics and we package them within the context of the organisation’s brand.

Locate the most relevant target audiences using specific digital platforms and channels

We promote lead magnets, case study information and other campaign content on various digital media platforms, including email, social media and Google Adwords. Our process identifies and locates the most relevant groups and communities and offers them valuable content that they want or need. Each engagement is directed at adding value, gathering information and progressing contacts through the campaign funnel.

Target market research can accelerate the process where hundreds of new prospects or targets can be added to the campaign. Our research services are aimed at developing email, phone and social media account information which is included in the campaign database.

Add value and qualify targets and prospects using the campaign funnel

Targets or prospects that engage with the campaign exchange their email (and other information) in order to redeem the valuable content items on offer. Each engagement is tracked and targets are then nurtured through the campaign funnel over time. The objective is to develop a relationship of trust by continuing to be a source of valuable useful content.

Second level qualification
During this time, targets are also exposed to links that are closer (in their subject matter) to the organisation’s value proposition, or intended outcome, such as case studies, product and service or event information. Targets that engage with this second level of content are regarded by the process to have been qualified at the second level.

Third level qualification
Targets are then further qualified if they take action at the third level, which may include: a request for quotation, an event registration, the completion of a survey or viewing a pricing page. Third level engagement can be the ultimate indication of a conversion, or a qualified lead.

Guidance and services that are aimed at closing the deal

Targets and prospects that have been qualified at the second or third level represent opportunities for conversion. In stakeholder engagement terms conversion may mean taking a survey or registering to attend an event, and in sales and marketing terms conversion may mean a request for quotation or the transaction itself.

We provide organisations with guidance and services that are aimed at converting qualified targets and leads. This may be in form of email follow-ups, telephone script development or even the deployment of our own sales or engagement clerks. At this point in time the targets or prospects are trusting of the brand, have shown a willingness to engage and have demonstrated a level of interest in the product, service or activity being presented. The perfect storm for conversion.

Use a holding pattern to continue adding value and developing social proof

Targets and prospects that have engaged at any level should be added to a ‘holding’ campaign which should continue (even if at a reduced intensity) to provide valuable and useful content over time. One of the best tools to do this is an email newsletter, which is a great tool to maintain brand presence and trust.

Some prospects take longer to qualify than others and may only be ready to engage fully once the initial campaign is over. Regular newsletter and social media contact is a great way to be there when that time arrives.

We provide simple and effective medium and long term ‘holding’ services as well as campaign recycling services that help to ensure that content assets are maintained and marketed whilst ‘social proof’ is being developed.


Using sustainability effectively and credibly in your marketing campaign

Corporate sustainability principles are at the heart of the Lead Sauce offering and our consulting team is knowledgeable about the application of sustainability principles in any marketing or communications campaign.

From content development to sustainability reporting, to standards and green-washing, our team is able to ensure that brands are not at risk in the way that they present information, and that they position themselves optimally for reputation development if there is a sustainability agenda.

Many organisations are realising the benefits of a sustainability marketing strategy. We can assist you to construct a plan that is simple yet effective – a plan that is aimed at leveraging a sustainability profile within the boundaries of credibility.